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A Spiritual Diorama

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

In John 6, a large crowd gathered around Jesus, about five thousand men (John 6:10). In response, Jesus asked Philip a loaded question: “Where are we to buy bread, so that these may eat?”

Jesus knew how much money would have been required to buy bread for the crowd, and He also knew they did not have nearly enough in their moneybox. Jesus knew what He was going to do, but He paused to allow Philip and the other disciples to recognize they lacked the means to provide what the multitude needed. They had some money, but not enough (John 6:7). They had some food, but not enough (John 6:9). On their own, they were hopeless.

Jesus fed the five thousand miraculously so that more food was left over than existed when He began (John 6:11-13). As He fed the five thousand, Jesus recreated, on a small physical scale, what He would do for humanity on a universal spiritual scale through the cross. All people need salvation from their sins. If we were left alone to craft a solution, we, like the disciples, would be crippled by inadequacy. Jesus, however, atoned for our sins through the cross (1 John 2:2). He met our spiritual needs through His sacrifice as no other could.

In John 6:51, Jesus told the crowds the next day, “I am the living bread that came down out of heaven; if anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread also which I will give for the life of the world is My flesh.” Without Jesus, there is no eternal life. He was the only One who could provide the physical bread they needed that day, and now He is the only source of salvation to all who obey His message (Hebrews 5:9). If you want hope beyond this life, Jesus is the only source. Come to Him in faithful obedience to His Word, the Bible, and God will save you by His grace (Ephesians 2:8).

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