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Dissatisfied with the Show

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Our culture has progressed from seeking tolerance to demanding no person hold a differing opinion. Different from what? I am convinced nobody knows. It seems nearly every day a celebrity or other influential person is apologizing for a role they played, a line they spoke, or a comment made in jest, all because someone got loud and upset over it. American culture is being shaped by the loudest, most irritating tantrums and whoever can throw them.

1 Kings 22 shows a similarly degraded society in Israel. Ahab, king of Israel, and Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, were planning a war against the Arameans (1 Kings 22:1-3). Ahab had four hundred prophets at his disposal, and all of them told the kings they would be victorious in this war (1 Kings 22:6). One, named Zedekiah, even made iron horns for himself and claimed that the kings would use them to gore the Arameans to death (1 Kings 22:11).

Jehoshaphat asked twice for an audience with someone who spoke for God, recognizing that the 400 before him were flashy liars, willing to say and do whatever Ahab would enjoy most (1 Kings 22:5, 7). Jehoshaphat was not satisfied with the show. Even though not everything about Jehoshaphat is worthy of praise, this is. He wanted more than a wild show. He wanted to hear the truth.

Be dissatisfied with the show. Just because a person or group acts wildly does not mean they should be listened to, nor does it mean they are right. Hundreds of agreeing voices do not necessarily speak the truth. To find the truth, seek the word of God. Open your Bible and let God teach you how to think and live reasonably. His is the only voice that matters, and He has spoken.

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