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You Insult Us, Too!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

After preaching a sermon, I have often heard the reply, “I think you were preaching at me!” Of course, I was not, and often the accuser is only playfully sarcastic. We know the truth of the matter: the Bible corrects our sinfulness and praises our godliness with complete honesty and precision. When we read the Bible and consider its teachings, it shows us how to grow in Christ.

In Luke 11:39, Jesus began correcting some of the Pharisees with whom He was dining. By verse 45, the lawyers, those who knew the law well, were also beginning to feel the weight of Jesus’ correction. One of the lawyers said, “Teacher, when you say this, you insult us too.” The comment comes off as a warning that Jesus is going too far in his rebuke; He is alienating His allies. Jesus responded by directly rebuking the lawyers beginning with verse 46. Jesus was not at all concerned with maintaining His reputation among earthly factions. Dedication to God and the truth consumed him.

Today, there are many earthly factions to which people cling: political parties, colleges, state/national citizenship, and more. These are groups from whom people want to receive approval. There are times when being a Christian will cause these groups to turn against you. We need to love God and the truth enough that we are willing to bear the disapproval of others to share with them the truth God has revealed.

The Pharisees and lawyers responded to Jesus’ rebukes by becoming hostile with their words, questioning Him, and looking for a way to trap Him in His answers. Christians should expect this kind of response from those who refuse the truth and must not allow the hostility of those who are perishing to sway them from their God-given mission. Keep speaking the truth!

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