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Here's What Your Dead Friends Want to Tell You

Mediums and spiritists have always tried to fool people into thinking they can speak to the dead. There is a reason the diviner in 1 Samuel 28:12 screamed when she actually did see the spirit of Samuel – she didn’t expect it! Those who claim to speak to the dead today are of the same ilk. They falsely claim to speak on behalf of the dead. The point of this writing is not to provide you with soothing deceptions but to tell you the truth about what your dead friends and loved ones want you to know about death and what comes after.

In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus related the account of a rich man and Lazarus. Both men died, but they did not experience the same things post-passing. Lazarus was carried away to Abraham’s bosom, where he rested peacefully, while the rich man entered unending fiery torment. The rich man pled for himself first, but after grasping his hopeless situation, he pled for his brothers who remained on the earth. He desperately wanted to get them a message, and more specifically, he wanted to warn them: DO NOT COME HERE.

If your dead friends were faithful to God, they have entered their rest just as Lazarus did (Heb. 4:9-11). If, however, your dead friends were not faithful, they have entered the same fiery torture as the rich man. Although their desires are voiced from different angles, all the dead want you to obey God, avoid the fire, and enter the rest. Your dead friends want to tell you to be faithful, but sadly, their voices do not carry beyond the grave. I write this as a service to them and a service to the Lord Jesus, who died to save us from an eternity of suffering. Be saved!

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