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The Way of Contentment

In Philippians 4:11-13, Paul wrote from prison that he had learned the secret of contentment in every circumstance. What is this secret? How can we remain contented, no matter what happens in our life? In Philippians, Paul repeatedly emphasized the importance of selflessness. If we set aside our physical wants and replace them with care for others’ souls, we will find the contentment Paul enjoyed. Consider the examples he shared with them.

In Philippians 1:12-14, Paul sought the progress of the gospel and the encouragement of his brethren more than his comfort. Because he valued others more than himself, he rejoiced even in prison.

In Philippians 2:5-11, Jesus’ attitude is described. He let go of equality with God to take away our sins on the cross, where He died. Because of His humble obedience to God, He has been exalted above all others.

In Philippians 2:19-20, Timothy genuinely cared about the welfare of the church. He carried no ulterior motives. He sought no personal glory but was satisfied if the church remained healthy.

In Philippians 2:25-28, Epaphroditus risked his life to serve the needs of his brethren. He prioritized the work of Christ above all else and was exceptionally valuable and highly regarded as a result.

These are the selfless ones who exemplified the way of contentment. Existing contentedly is not about having everything you would like. Instead, it is about setting yourself aside for others’ spiritual benefit. If you want to live a contented life, live with the mindset of Paul, Jesus, Timothy, and Epaphroditus. Keep your mind on spiritual goals: serve your brethren, spread the gospel, and rejoice in God’s grace. That is the way of contentment; that is the secret Paul found.

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