• Eli Schnell

Pray in This Way

In Matthew 6:9-13, Jesus taught about prayer by providing a sample. Jesus did not intend for this prayer to be copied verbatim by those seeking God. He did intend to give suggestions about approaching God effectively through prayer. Those whose prayers seem repetitive and meaningless to their ears can have them reinvigorated by adopting the format Jesus gave. Please read Matthew 6:9-13, then consider the following:

  • Address to God (v.9): Jesus began by respectfully addressing God, glorifying Him for His holy character.

  • Consideration of God’s Will (v.10): Jesus prayed for the will of God to be done in all places. He made the fulfillment of God’s will His ultimate goal.

  • Physical Needs (v.11): Jesus requested what He needed for that day to continue living. His view of “necessity” is refreshing in a culture that tells us we “need” so many things.

  • Spiritual Needs (v.12): The debt we owe to God concerns our sins. We request His forgiveness as we remember that we must also forgive those who have sinned against us.

  • Specific Requests (v.13a): Jesus made specific requests of God befitting His character. Do your requests seem fitting for God’s approval, or do you need to change them?

  • Closing Address (v.13b): Jesus ended this prayer by praising God and saying, “Amen.” Praise God no matter how He responds to your prayer and commit yourself to the requests you have made.

Jesus does not require mimicry of this prayer every time you speak to God (Jesus did not always use every part of this sample) but adopting this format can bring you spiritual clarity and added depth as you pray.

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