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For the Lord

People are willing to take sides over anything. I’ve been questioned about my sports allegiances on numerous occasions, often with those from warring teams both listening for the answer they desire. They ask precisely the same question Joshua asked in Joshua 5:13: “Are you for us or for our adversaries?” While some take sides playfully, others reject a friendship over silly things like who you root for in a sports game. Faithful Christians should clarify one fact: ultimately, we are for the Lord.

That is the answer the captain of the Lord’s army gave to Joshua in Joshua 5:14. When Joshua asked whether this one was for Israel or Jericho, their adversaries, the captain implied that such a question was too small. Israel may do many sinful things, so this captain could not always pledge himself to them. By the same reasoning, Jericho was wicked and ready to be judged; only a fool would commit to them. Instead, the captain answered, “No; rather I indeed come now as captain of the host of the Lord.”

This captain’s only unwavering allegiance was to the Lord, the Creator and Ruler of all. His relationship with Joshua depended on Joshua’s relationship with the Lord, and so it should be with every Christian. Their loyalty to God determines a Christian’s relationship with other people. Do they submit to God’s rulership? Then we have fellowship because I also serve God. Are they rebellious, stubbornly opposing God’s authority? Then I will attempt to convince them of God’s worthiness to be obeyed.

A Christian is for the Lord. All other relationships are shaped and molded according to God’s will and how others respond to Him. Keep your allegiance clear, brethren.

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