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Did Adam Meet Dinosaurs?

Whenever dinosaur skeletons are found, whenever a child looks awestruck at a T-Rex’s massive teeth, a lie is typically played in the background. It begins “Millions of years ago” and continues with the lie that humans and dinosaurs could not possibly have existed on Earth simultaneously. No person can maintain faith in God and believe these lies recorded by so many museums and reference materials. The truth is plainly stated in the book of Genesis.

Genesis 1:24-27 records that God created all land creatures, followed by male and female humans, on the sixth twenty-four-hour day. Those land creatures would include many of the dinosaurs whose skeletons are dug up from the earth. According to the Scriptures, humans and dinosaurs were created on the same day and did live together at the same time.

Furthermore, Genesis 2:19-20 explains that God brought all these creatures to Adam for him to name. What exactly he named all the dinosaurs is not recorded there, but we know God brought those animals to Adam. So not only did dinosaurs exist at the same time as humans, but they were also brought before Adam and posed no threat to him then. Their relationship with humankind changed at the same time as all other animals. Genesis 9:2-3 identifies that animals only became fearful of humankind after the flood when God also permitted humans to eat animals for food.

Genesis, like all other parts of Scripture, is inspired by God and is the accurate history of the beginning (2 Tim. 3:16-17). Let us believe and teach our children the truth about dinosaurs and all other things so they can see God’s glory and majesty and honor Him (Eph. 6:4; Matt. 5:16; Rom. 1:20-21).

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