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Pride Parades: Good Family Fun?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

An article published on asked, “Should You Take Your Kids to a Pride Parade?” The author immediately admitted that pride parades are crowded; public nudity and sexually deviant behaviors and imagery are commonplace. A pride parade is not, as the author put it, “the most sober of places.” Should you take your kids there? The author says: “the answer is absolutely.” The author thinks a crowd of sexually deviant naked drunk people is a perfect environment for children.

I hope you think this is a joke, but I assure you it is not. The writing mentioned above was published to help parents wondering how to raise their children and what they should do with them during “pride” month. The answer? Surround them with the most depraved minority of our nation and teach them to act like it’s normal.

Parents, do not listen to that trash. Though the author used proper English, her writing reveals a depraved mind that has lost sight of the difference between good and evil (Rom. 1:22-32). Taking your children to a “pride” parade is abusive; you hold a branding iron to their conscience and twist their perception of right and wrong into an unrecognizable mess.

God designed the family. He has commanded parents to teach their children godliness (Eph. 6:4). Rather than forcing evil into your child’s life, protect them from it in all its forms. Teach them to behave godly and pray that when they see wickedness in any form, it will disgust them as it does God.

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